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Cheyenne Mt State Park, Zook Loop, Medicine Wheel & Sundance Trails, Colorado

Welcome to Cheyenne Mountain Stat Park. It is located out Route 115 across from the Fort Carson, Gate 2. If you have google, the address is 410 JL Ranch Heights, Colorado Springs, CO, 80926. Today we hiked two very short paths. We went down Zook Loop with the Medicine Wheel Spur off trial. That was only about 1.5 miles. The second path was Sundance. This can be found South West of Zook Loop. That is a 3.3-mile loop.

The park is brand new. In fact, they are still placing signs up. Zook Loop and Medicine Wheel: Zook first. The paths are in great shape and easy to hike. The trees do overhang a bit making it a nice forest hike versus a spectacular view trial. At the beginning there is a clump of dead trees that form some pretty odd shadows. We ended up naming this ourselves, the Tree Graveyard. As you hike, make a note; they put GPS coords at major points. I think that is a great idea. Bring your Bear Bell. You can get these for a few dollars at any sporting good store. There are black bears, deer, Mt Lions, and Wild Turkeys. The only animals we saw today were a rattlesnake and a few Wild Turkey. This path is so well done, its good for the non-hiker. On to trail 2, Medicine Loop. In the middle of Zook Loop, where you arrive at Medicine Wheel, the path goes to rocky, not extreme though. I would still rate this an Easy trail. The views are more open on this path to the West and the East. This was my second favorite path today, after Sundance.

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