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Winter Wonderland, Vermont, USA

This is where I grew up. With -26F below tempatures, you work at staying warm. I had such a great time this trip.  The best time was spent driving around and just visiting. The first two shots of a young Vermonter who had just purchased a snowmobile.  He was kind enough to let me photograph him for my site.  Australians, I bet you have never seen these. They are engined sleds for snow and ice.  Most of the time, they will go as fast as a car.  The restaurants even have snow parking for your day out.
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The farms are everywhere. The horses on the bottom of the page just walked righ up to me.  Pretty soon we will have our skiing trip up on the site. For those of you that have traveled in the United States, the Ferry shown below is the New York - Vermont Ferry system.  It takes your accross the ice covered Lake Champlain.  I wish I had photos of me on the ice, fishing. Through the two feet of ice, there are hundreds of trout and perch waiting to get tossed into a fry pan for dinner. Yum!!!
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