The Lamson Adventures!!!!
Rat Pack Tribute Show, Las Vegas NV
Not only did we get to see a fantastic show but it was in the last old school showrooms in Las Vegas. Located right at the end of Freemont, it was worth every penny. I wish I could explain how it was but the photos do not show it well. We sat in the old style round booths that face the stage that jutted out into the room. The crush velvet curtains and small band added to the feeling of the old Rat Pack days. The food, which we expected to be horrid, was fantastic. That was the best steak dinner I have had in years. Be ready to be brought back in time. Unlike everything else in Vegas, these entertainers encourage photos.

My favorite photos of the main four on stage together. I reminded me of the films of the "Live at the Sands" show. The entertainers were so dead on, we even got to see Ms Monroe sing Happy Birthday, Frank threaten Joey Bishop. All of them were fab!! We got to see Frank do a whole other show on Freemont later that night. The photos are on the Freemont page.

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