The Lamson Adventures!!!!!

Cooking at Camp with no Utensils


Onion--Cut an onion in half and scoop out all but the two outside layers. Crack an egg into each half, or fill with chopped, seasoned meat, cap, and place directly on hot coals.

Potato--Cut out the centre of a potato. Fill with hamburger and diced onion, or with butter and cheese. Plug the hole with some of the pieces you removed. Coat potato with 2 inches of thick mud and place in coals. Cook for about an hour.  Eat the insides. MMmmmm.

Another idea is to slice off the top of a spud, hollow out a tunnel, and crack an egg into the hollow. Rub a bit of the egg white around the cut top, then put the "lid" back on the potato. Wrap in foil and bake in coals.

Paper Cup/Paper Bag--Fill a cup with water and drop in an egg, with or without the shell. Set the cup into the coals.

Don't forget eggs and bacon in a paper bag. Put strips of bacon on the bottom of the bag, crack an egg or two on top of the bacon, fold over the top of the bag and hang it on a stick over hot coals.

Bread--Press a wad of dough onto the end of a stick and bake over hot coals. Try cinnamon twists. Pat dough into a rectangle, spread with butter, cinnamon and brown sugar, and cut into 2" strips. Wrap strip around a green stick and toast over the coals.

Kabob -- Skewer meat, potatoes and another vegetable (tomato, zucchini, mushrooms) on a stick. Cook over hot coals.

Hot Rocks--Lay a flat, hot rock on coals and use it as a griddle to cook hamburger, eggs, steak, fish, bacon, or bread.

Corn--Remove silk and soak ears in water. Lay on hot coals for about 8 minutes per side.

Chicken--Hang a whole chicken on a string from a tripod over a bed of hot coals. Fashion an aluminum foil umbrella over the chicken to reflect the heat.

Apple--Core an apple just over half-way. Fill the hollow with cinnamon and marshmallows. Skewer it on a forked stick and hold over the coals until the marshmallow melts and the apple is easy to puncture.

Orange--Cut off the top third of an orange. Scoop out the orange and pour in cake mix batter to the half-way point.  Re-cap the orange and set on coals to bake.  This also works with biscuits or muffins. Yum.

An idea for breakfast is to scoop out the orange pulp and eat it, then grease the inside of the peel, crack an egg into it, and set on coals to cook.

Banana--Cut a v-shaped wedge from the top of an unpeeled banana. Fill wedge with pieces of chocolate and marshmallow. Wrap in foil and place on coals for 8-10 minutes.

Dog in a blanket--Wrap a wiener in biscuit dough, skewer on a stick and bake over hot coals. Or slit the wiener and insert a piece of cheese before you wrap and cook it.

Dog in the oven.  Put the hot dog in a bun, wrap it tightly in foil.  Wrap it in paper
towels (news paper is fine too) and place it into a paper milk carton.  Place it into the
fire. When it stops burning, you will have a perfect done dog.

Fish--Leave the head on a fish and scale it. Tie fish to a sweet wood stick, like willow, and put the head into the coals.  Let steam for about 10 minutes, or until flesh flakes easily.

Split a fish and remove bones. Tack it, skin-side down, to a flat board. Tack a couple of strips of bacon over the fish.  Prop up the board beside a hot fire so that it will reflect the heat and cook the fish at the same time.

Egg--Prick a tiny hole in both ends of an egg and skewer it, but be careful not to go through the yolk. Place on a forked stick and hold over coals. Or, coat the egg with a stiff mud paste and cook covered in coals for 20 minutes.

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