The Lamson Adventures!!!!
Clark's Tatoo @ R-U-Tattooed, Colorado Springs
Located here in Colorado Springs, we found our new artist. For Clark's 18th birthday, he wanted a tatoo and I wanted the matching one. So off we went to see Baby Tim at R-U-Tattooed. (719) 260-1357, 5352 Montebello Ln, Colorado Springs, CO. These guys were great. clark will probably go back and I found my new artist for my whole back piece. So, as I get the work done..when I have money...I will be posting many pictures. It is a nice place and they make you comfortable. A bit to comfortable for me. I went to sleep.

Not that this is key at a shop but the shirts they sell rock. Its my new favorite T. A lot of merch you buy at shops is crap, these are really nice quality. Enjoy and tell them I said hello.

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