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Sydney Opera House, Sydney Australia

The Sydney Opera House, one of the most famous opera houses in the world, amazed me.  If you just see it, that is enough, but do yourself the favor, take the tour.  The history of this house is something. The man who designed it, Jørn Utzon,  (Not Eugene Goossens as I previously wrote.  Goossens was the resident conductor of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra in 1946.  Ooops.), has never even seen the finished product. The contract was won in a contest and took $102 million to build. It takes that much more each year to keep running.

A few items, it is more than one building.  It is three; the concert hall, the opera house, and the Bennelong Restaurant.  There is a parking garage underneath it that spirals down 12 floors.  And here is something that surprised me, it is not white! They realized while building it, the Australian sun would have blinded anyone looking at it if it was white. It actually is a number of colors, yellow, tan, brown.

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Another surprise. The way it was built. But, I will not ruin that. You go and take the tour.  If you just have to know, drop me a note. Also, ask how they get a new tile on the sides that have no inside access.  It is something.  While you are there, go to the Botanic Gardens.  Don't bother with the train ride, over priced and over rated.  Walk the gardens.
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