The Lamson Adventures!!!!<br>North Cheyenne Canon Park & Stratton Open Space, Colorado

The Lamson Adventures!!!!
North Cheyenne Canon Park & Stratton Open Space, Colorado

Took a bit of a big hike today. I have no idea how far I went. If I had to guess, between 6-8 miles. I started out just checking out Stratton Open Space which is located off West Cheyenne and Ridgeway Ave. Within the Stratton Open Space, I covered a few paths, Upper Meadow Loop, Wildflower Path, and Stratton Spring Path. It was just ok. The photos turned out pretty good.

Past Stratton Springs Path, it got a lot better. I ended up over at South Suburban Reservoir and Gold Camp Reservior. You can actually see an overview of these on the Mount Cutler pages. Loved this hike. South Suburban Reservoir was open and you could step into the gated area and got some good photos. Gold Camp Reservior was totally closed off and there is a $500 fine for trespassing. I did spin off the path and found Chamberlain Spur which led to Chamberlain Trail. It was great. The views were good of both reservoirs and you were high enough to get some decent shots of both the water areas and the Will Rogers Shrine and Mays Peak. I really enjoyed this walk.

If you proceed down around Gold Camp Reservoir, you can work down Gold Camp Path. I saved that for another day and took the upper South Suburban Loop/Ponderosa Trail back down and across to Stratton. Saw a lot of runners, hikers from the high school, and dog walkers in the area. As for Stratton, will probably not do it again until spring when the flowers are up. North Cheyenne continues to amaze me. Check out the photos of the different flowers, crab apples, wild berries, and other delights. Really a great hiking area.

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