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Stanley Canyon Trail

The trailhead is about 11 air miles north-northwest of Colorado Springs, on the west side of the Air Force Academy, in the Front Range. The access road is located on the Air Force Academy. Head in the South gate and take the left on Pine. Drive westerly about 3.9 miles to the unmarked access road on the left (west). It is NOT marked. It is just a dirt road but in front of you to the North-East, you can clearly see the Hospital. Drive about 0.7 miles west on the dirt road to the parking areas.

This was a nice hike, BUT a crappy path. The weather errosion is really bad in places and you need to watch your step. It is rated a moderate but I would say until you reach the top, the canyon top and field, it is pretty rough. The path is not marked and there are many forks. When you reach the small water crossing, it is very confusing on where to go next. In the beginning, there are a few spurs off roads, those are not the paths. Stay straight.

So, overall, we had two thoughts. I loved the hike and the views are great. Angela did not like it at all. It is a bit much for someone in sneakers. Have something with a sole on it. And the both of us felt it was the worst "marked out" path we have seen in Colorado. But in the end, you looking for about a 2.3 (from the parking lot) or 3 (from hospital parking) mile hike, one way, this is one you can take. Enjoy.

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