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Spruce Mountain, Colorado

Spruce Mountain is a mountain for everyone. You can take the loop to the top and around which is 4.7 miles. If you feel like trekking, you can even take the 8.5 miles Spruce Meadow hike. The loop is a medium grade hike. Has a little of everything. The meadow walk is long and in the open space (sunburn time!) but it is flat and really easy. There is pretty good dirt parking and an out-house at the trail head. The top is breathtaking.

You get there by getting off Rt 25 and going South through Palmer Lake. It is down Route 53 on the right. It is part of an important wildlife corridor, allowing travel between the Pike National Forest and Greenland Open Space and Greenland Ranch. Douglas County is in the process of developing recreational trails on the property. We did run into a few small dirt pushers up on the top. They are packing some of the trails that rain has pushed. But not to worry, the walk is stable and worth it. Public access is by arranged hikes or rides through Douglas County.

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Hike Distances Pretty decent parking lot. sprucemt2261.JPG
sprucemt2263.JPG sprucemt2265.JPG sprucemt2270.JPG
sprucemt2275.JPG sprucemt2276.JPG sprucemt2281.jpg
sprucemt2283.JPG sprucemt2286.JPG sprucemt2289.JPG
sprucemt2291.JPG sprucemt2296.JPG sprucemt2298.JPG
sprucemt2313.jpg sprucemt2315.JPG sprucemt2318.JPG
sprucemt2319.JPG sprucemt2322.JPG sprucemt2323.JPG
sprucemt2324.JPG sprucemt2325a.jpg sprucemt2326.jpg
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sprucemt2351.JPG sprucemt2370.jpg sprucemt2371.JPG
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