The Lamson Adventures!!!!
Scotsman Trail with parts of Buckskin
Charlie Trails, Colorado

Garden of the Gods National Natural Landmark is one of the finest hiking areas in Colorado Springs. Today we went on the Scotsman Trail with parts of Buckskin Charlie Trails. I have no idea how long this trail is but it is easy easy. Most of the trails at GOG are either paved or packed sand with white gravel. They were both really nice trails.

The views are spectacular. If you are going for photos, I find sunrise, sunset give a good red glow. If you are going for the full show, Pikes Peak, Kissing Camels and all, go between 9am - 10am. That is the best light. If you have a polarizor , bring it with you.

Take a look through the photos. You will see one with a little spot of light between formations. Those are the kissing camels. I threw in some long distant shots of Pikes Peak too. I hope you enjoy.

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