The Lamson Adventures!!!<br>Pike Peak or Bust Rodeo, 2007

The Lamson Adventures!!!
Pike Peak or Bust Rodeo, 2007

We got great seats at the Pikes Peak Rodeo or Bust, July 2007. They changed the venue this year to Norris Penrose Event Center. Obviously, watching the events like Steer Wrestling, Team Roping, and Bullriding are the focus, but this year, we had a few other great surprised. They added the Mutton Busting, which is little kids riding these lil beast and the "Girl of the West". When I sat down, we noticed that the two gentleman next to us were really clapping for Amy Amack, the riding in the blue top in the photos. Amy Amack is the 2007 Girl of the West, and the daughter and granddaughter to the gents in the photos.

The ceremony was started by Commander of Space Command, General Chilton. It was good to see him again. And the closing of the show was done with motocycle stunts and jumps. I posted a few of the backflip shots. You have to note the look on my mothers face. Always the mother, she was very worried for the jumpers. :-) Then it was off the small carnival that was set up. Ride some rides, get a drink and a corn dog. A night made in heaven.

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