The Lamson Adventures!!!!
Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
Rocky Mountain National Park. Well, the trip for the fourteener was a bust. The weather was very bad with winds upto 50mph. The dumping the mountain top was taking made us select an alternate route. In the end, it was still a great hike to Bear Lake. I did learned a few things; 1. Do not skimp on snow pants. Mine were huge!! I had to tie a rope over my should and over my coat to keep them up. 2. Goggles. I wore my glasses but the ice build up on them was pretty rough. 3. Get new straps for my snow shoes. Turns out, I love to snow shoe! But if the straps break, it does slow you down.

Brian took the photos. He took mostly people, not scenary, the weather was to much for good photos. So, when we go back, we will get you shots of the waterfalls and Bear Lake. Estes Park was really nice. Worth the stop if you are heading to the park. I did not need all the layers I stuffed under the coat. I always seem to forget, dress in layers, dump what makes you sweat. You live, you learn.

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