Sichuan Vegetables

Recipe By Garth Lamson
Category Atkins; Camping; Vegetables
Main Ingredient Cauliflower
Cuisine Style Asian
Yield 4 Serving
Preparation Time 10 min
Cooking Time 20-30min
Equipments Cutting Board; Foil; measuring cups; measuring spoons

2 cups Cauliflower, finely chopped
12 medium Mushroom, left whole
1 medium Scallions, choppped
8 tbsp Soy sauce
4 tsp Fish sauce
1 tsp Splenda
4 tsp Ginger, ground
Pepper, to taste
1. This is a foil cooking package. I do not believe in going out bush and starving. Chop up your veggies of choice.

2. Put all the veggies into the center of a foil square. I like to seperate this package into 4 individual packages. You can then cook it and just drop it on the a plate. It looks great.

3. Then, splitting the liquid combo into four, add the liquid over the top of each veggie package. Add ground pepper as needed. Grabbing the corners of the foil square, bring upto center and squeeze together. Do this on all packages.

4. If you have a vegetable tray on your grill, put the foil packs on that, if not, over indirect heat for 20-30 minutes. Serve in packet or just on the plate.
Per Serving: 55 Calories; 0.43 g Fat; 0.08 g Sat Fat; 0 mg Cholesterol; 2029 mg Sodium; 8 g Carb; 3 g Fiber; 7 g Protein.
Note that this dish is a pretty good source of fiber.

Created for Lamson Adventures Copyright 2002, Lamson Adventures Lo-carb Recipes.

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