Recipe By Dana Walters
Category Appetizers; Atkins; Camping; Low Fat; Low-Cal; Salsa & Sauces; Side Dishes
Main Ingredient Tomatoes
Cuisine Style Texan
Yield 1 batch
Preparation Time 10min
Cooking Time Less then the time to eat it.
Personal Rating
1/2 White Onion
4 cloves Garlic, (fresh, not powder)
6 chilis, (jalapenos, habanero....)
1/2 medium red capsicum, (or orange, yellow)
1/2 medium green capsicum
5 ripe red tomatoes
4 cans chopped tomatoes, (14oz cans)
1 tbsp cumin, ground
1 bunch corriander, fresh, (minus the stems)
In a food processor or blender:

Finely chop the onion, garlic, chillies (de-seeded), and cooriander. Transfer to larger mixing container/bowl

Chop the red and green capsicum (bell peppers) and fresh tomatoes (if you're using a blender, you'll want to add some juice from the canned tomatoes to
that it will blend). This isn't a problem with a food processor. DO NOT OVER BLEND/PROCESS. You want your salsa a little chuncky. Transfer into the bowl/container with the onion/garlic/chillies/cooriander

Blend three of the cans of tomatoes (and juice), Blend only briefly so they maintain some texture. Add tothe owl/container and stir in the cumin.

Now the rest is to your personal tastes. You'll need to add a little salt (approx 1 teaspoon), and believe it or not, a little splenda (a teaspoon to start with). Mix well, and taste. Add more salt and splenda as needed.

Is it TOO HOT? Don't despare, add the 4th can of tomatoes. (the splenda and salt also help control the heat) Not HOT enough, process a few more chillies and toss them in. Not enough tomato for you? Add another can.

Try Garth's Cheese Chips to dip the salsa with! We ate this on our eggs and fajitas (everything but the tortilla) and taco
salads (minus taco shell) during induction! WONDERFUL Topping for an omlett! Mix it with Avacado for instant Guacamoli...

Created for Lamson Adventures Copyright 2002, Lamson Adventures Lo-carb Recipes.

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