Southern Fried Chicken

Recipe By Kelly Stine
Category Atkins; Camping; Poultry
Main Ingredient Chicken
Cuisine Style Soutnern U.S.A.
Yield 1 Serving
Preparation Time 15min
Cooking Time Until Done
Personal Rating
1 kg Chicken Breast, boneless, cut into fingers
1 Egg, beaten
1 cup CarboLite Bake Mix
1 tbsp Garlic
2 tsp Tarragon
1 tsp Salt
1 tsp Pepper
Coat raw chicken in egg. Mix dry ingredients together in a sturdy plastic
bag. Dredge coated chicken in dry mix; put all the pieces into the bag
with the mix, shake very well, ensuring even coverage and that no pieces
stick together. Deep-fry the coated, dredged chicken fingers until done.

I do not know the stats of bake mix. Below are the stats without.
Per Serving: 1682 Calories; 36 g Fat; 10 g Sat Fat; 850 mg Cholesterol; 3123 mg Sodium;
3 g Carb; 0.79 g Fiber; 315 g Protein.

The taste of the batter is sweet, so imagine a chicken-flavoured funnel cake. Doesn't sound good? Well, since we hadn't had fried chicken for eight weeks, and this was the closest we could come, we got over it! You will, too.

Created for Lamson Adventures. Copyright 2002, Lamson Adventures Lo-Carb Recipes.