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A few thousand visitors a day, of us in our happy Atkins (or low carb) family. If you would like to add some recipes, write to us at "". I have only been on Atkins for 27 months and was asked by many co-wokers to post some of the recipes. I will add whatever you have. I have them in alphbetical order, in category. When you look at the recipe, click the link at the bottom to get back to this page. We have a email group that send between 2-5 times a week. Enjoy and please write us if you have comments, or want to join our mailing list. Answer to a very popular question. Yes, Angela and I write the recipes unless otherwise noted. That is why they are copyrighted. :-)

A special note to our many visitors. We can not guarantee the nutrition counts. Our recipe program does the count based on the USDA site. It can not be stressed enough, DO YOUR OWN COUNTS!!! As most of you folks know, we do this on our own time at great expense. If you would like to politely let us know you have a differenct count, we would love to hear your comments though.
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[Recipe]Bread Recipes

[Recipe] Almond Flour Bread
[Recipe] Almond & Orange Bread
[Recipe] Amber Lyn Choco Strawberry Toast
[Recipe] Atkins Breadmachine Bread
[Recipe] Cheesey Herb Bread (Remind me of Red Lobster biscuits!)
[Recipe] Chocolate Flapjacks (That means pancakes for those not from the North East.
[Recipe], not really (Can't have chilli without cornbread.)
[Recipe] Dana's Leadcakes (pancakes)
[Recipe] Dana's Bread Machine Bread (No trouble with rising, it was fantastic!)
[recipe] Dinner Rolls (You can shape them into hamburg/hotdog rolls.)
[Recipe] Instant Bread (Made with Almond Meal)
[Recipe] Tortillas (Mexican food is back. Fussy recipe though.)

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[Recipe]Breakfast Recipes

[Recipe] Baked Omelette (A bit like a a souffle but without all the work.)
[Recipe] Breakfast Quiche
[Recipe] Breakfast Roll-Ups (a starter recipes, keep thinking of new ideas)
Cheese Soufflé (Don't limit this to brecky...good side..or every desert.!)
[Recipe] Crepes (Thanks to Kelly)
[Recipe] Dana's Leadcakes (pancakes)
[Recipe] Eggs Benedict (not to worry non-cooks, as easy as a McMuffin, and taste better.)
Flax Seed Cereal (Oatmeal, poridge, call it what you will...all tasty.)
[Recipe] French Toast (more like pancakes)
[Recipe] Garth's American Sausage
[Recipe] Morning Glory Breakfast Cups (Brecky in a pie shell..low carb>)
[Recipe] Shrimp & Cheese Omelette (Make sure the shrimp are fresh!)
[Recipe] Tomato, Cheese and Herb Cloufoutis (Nope, no cherries. Not traditional I guess.!)

Meats, Marinades, & Rubs
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[Recipe]Meats, Marinades, & Rubs

[Recipe] Andouille Sausage (Focus on Cajun but good for anytime.)
[Recipe] Aromatic Rub for Chicken by Bret
[Recipe] Asparagus Roulade (Marinade and do not overcook. My tip to you.)
[Recipe] Atkins Cajun Pork Chops
[Recipe] Atkins Lamb Curry
[Recipe] Atkins Steak
[Recipe] Barbecued Lamb Chops
[Recipe] Bacon Cheese Burger with Herbs
[Recipe] Bacon Mushroom Swiss Meatloaf (A great hearty meal. Great leftovers too.)
[Recipe] Beef Roulades with Andouille Sausage
[Recipe] Beef Quesedillas (Great for dinner or a picnic. We went hiking with them)
[Recipe] BBQ Pork Chops
[Recipe] Beef w/ Garlic Blue Cheese (We named it Favoloso Odore Coprire)
[Recipe] Bogaghi Beef
[Recipe] Caraway-Crusted Pork Chops (Wish it was cold, it is a cold weather feeling dish.)
[Recipe] Chicken Adobo (Recipe I have had for years.)
[Recipe] Chicken in the Garden (A nice fusion Chook with an asian spin.)
[Recipe] Chicken Cordon Bleu
[Recipe] Chicken Maple Mustard (A taste of Vermont with Chicken)
[Recipe] Chicken Picatta (Little Italy, in your kitchen.)
[Recipe] Chicken Sage Parmesan (the name says it all.)
[Recipe] Chicken Fiesta (You could make a quick version using Dana's Salsa
[Recipe] Chicken Scallopine (Had it had Macaroni Grill, had to make it low carb. )
[Recipe] Cocktail (Shrimp) Sauce (went great with our Christmas eve dinner.)
[Recipe] Corriander Mint Chicken (A bit of a Indian flare.)
Daging Babi (BBQ Pork Chops & Bacon)
Felafal (Turkish Meatballs on a Skewer.)
[Recipe] Filet Mignon Nicole from Bret
[Recipe] Garth's American Sausage
[Recipe] Ginger Chive Salmon
[Recipe] Verde Fregato Pollo (Ital Spiced rubbed chicken. Really fast!)
[Recipe] Jamaican Jerk Dry Rub for any meat. Chickens my favorite though.
[Recipe] Ginger Mustard Pork Chops
[Recipe] Lamb Parmesan (It may not show on the meat but the flavor is outstanding.)
Lamb Shanks in a small Stew (Stufato Saporito Dell'Agnello)
[Recipe] Lime-Pepper-Tarragon Chicken (A bit of a Thai twist marinad..could work with fish.)
[Recipe] Kung Pao Chicken (Spicey oriental...low in carb.)
[Recipe] Maple BBQ Sauce (We can not have molasses..this is better though)
[Recipe] Maple Walnut Trout (Nothing like a Vermont trout with maple flavors)
[Recipe] Mustard & Caper Sauce on Chicken (Really can be used for any meat!)
[Recipe] Parmesean Clove Chicken (I love the flavor of the Clove...really adds.)
[Recipe] Pepperoni Burger (Not a pizza, not your average buger.)
[Recipe] Parsley Pesto Chicken (Pesto, the dip of kings. Add it to anything!.)
[Recipe] Perfect Roast Chicken (remove the potatoes and carrots.)
[Recipe] Pork Chops Aruba (Bit of Pork and Apple with the zing of the carribean flavor)
[Recipe] Pork Roast & Crackling (Crackling, the baked skin. Basically, pork rines.)
[Recipe] Pot-Roasted Silverside With French Mustard Sauce (Sick of corned beef and cabbage, try this way)
[Recipe] Roasted Cornish Game Hen (A miniture chicken. Just as easy, but classy.)
Roast Beef w/Fire Cracker Rub and Sauce (Works great for a party!)
[Recipe] Rustic Rubbed Eye of Round (Herb Rob Eye of Round...yum!)
Sage Lemon Stuff Chicken Breast (Takes longer to say the name then to cook!)
[Recipe] Southern Fried Chicken by Kelly
[Recipe] Sirlion Steak with Cognac & Mustard Sauce
[Recipe] Spaghetti (NOT!) & Meat Sauce (shredded zucchini give great pasta replacement.)
[Recipe] Spicey Dry Rub for Beef
[Recipe] Spicey Roast Chicken (The touch of nutmeg made it!)
[Recipe] Steak & Spinach Pinwheels (Quick recipe for guest on the BBQ)
[Recipe] Trota Arrosto Con Olive Nere Verdi (Trout with Streaky Bacon & Olives)
[Recipe] Stuffed Porkchops (Man, I love stuffing.)
[Recipe] Swordfish with Cilantro Salsa (The cilantro heat is great with fish.)
[Recipe] Trout with Mustard Lemon Butter Sauce (Elegant or rustic camping, this is good.)
[Recipe] Truite En Papillote by Bret (Part of his French Trio)

Vegetables/Sides & Salads
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[Recipe]Vegetables & Salads

Avocado Chicken Salad (A good avocado is almost creamy.)
[Recipe] Baked Cabbage (Actually thought I would not like it. I was wrong!)
[Recipe] Breaded Black Olive (nice as a side or hors dorves
[Recipe] Brocolli Ham & Cheese Salad (Quick and easy side salad.)
[Recipe] Brocolli Gratin (Cheesy and tons of fiber!!)
[Recipe] Brocolli, Battered and deepfried
[Recipe] Brocolli, Herb Crumbed and deepfried
[Recipe] Broccoli with Water Chestnuts
[Recipe] Butternut Squash on the Grill (Welcome to South African cooking!)
[Recipe] Carmelized Onions (A little sweet with the heat. nice side.)
[Recipe] Cauliflower - Sookhi Gobi (A great Indian Cauliflower dish!)
Cheese Soufflé Don't limit this to brecky...good side..or every desert.!)
[Recipe] Chicken Sald in Endive (Endive is almost a serving plate itself.)
[Recipe] Coleslaw for the BBQs (Doing BBQ, gotta have your coleslaw.)
Curried BBQ Butternut Squash
[Recipe] Dolmas (stuffed veggies) by Brigitte (Our first Armenian recipe)
[Recipe] Elise-ilicious Stuffed Mushrooms (Named after my cousin, Elise Pecor)
[Recipe] Five Spice Asian Veggie Mix
[Recipe] Five Spice Chicken Squash Salad (Indian meets Asian..yum!)
[Recipe] Fricassee de Champignons Des Bois (Mushroom Fricasee..don't let the name scare you.)
Green Bean & Mozzarella (Nice switch from the norm. Italian twist.)
Green Bean Roasted w/Tomato & Olives (These were so good, and really fast!.)
[Recipe] Green Beans with Pinenuts.
Jen Rocks, the Salad (A dedication recipe for Jen Edwards.)
Macaroni and Cheese..NOT!! (Cauliflower like you have never tasted it.)
[Recipe] Palak Panir, Spinach w/Feta (Indian dish but we have it with everything.)
[Recipe] Pepper Salad W/ Feta (Capsicum Salad for the folks overseas.)
Radishes, Fried & Crisp (Sound horrid, I know, it was fab!)
[Recipe] Sesame, Spinach, Red Peppers and Brocoli
Sichuan Vegetables (A really good side, and an excellent fiber source. )
[Recipe] Sicilian Radicchio & Pepper Salad (Insalata di Radicchio Finocchio)
Spam Salad (I love this salad, bit of mustard dressing. Good for induction.)
Spinach & Mushroom (Quick and easy side dish for induction.)
Spinicah Pie (In greek, in Crete for 5 years.)
Stuffed Roasted Onions (Do not be scared, they turn sweet when roasted.)
[Recipe] Stuffed Zucchin (An outstanding side or main for a veggie.
[Recipe] Sweet Potatoes (FAUX) (Made with Pumpkin, it is a good sub for Sweet Potato.)
[Recipe] Taco Salad (Quick, easy, touch of Mexico.)
[Recipe] Thai Beef Salad (Really fast. use yoru left over rump steaks.)
[Recipe] Tomato, Cheese and Herb Cloufoutis (Nope, no cherries. Not traditional I guess.!)
[Recipe] Turnip Mash (Faux Taters!)
[Recipe] Turnip Rosti (Swiss Turnip Cakes. Made into a small salad. Very pretty!)
Warm Onion Bacon Salad (I love warm salads. Toss quick and serve.)
West Indian Pumpkin (Nice side..pumpkin, not just for pies!!)

Soups, Casseroles, and  Stews
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[Recipe]Soups & Stews (Yes, this includes curries & pizza)

[Recipe] Atkins Irish Beef Stew
[Recipe] Atkins Egg Drop Soup
[Recipe] Atkins Lamb Curry
[Recipe] Bacon Mushroom Swiss Meatloaf (A great hearty meal. Great leftovers too.)
[Recipe] Beef Fried Rice (You could use pork, chicken, whatever meat.)
[Recipe] Black Bean Soup. (Dedicated recipe (Kurt Black) with Italian Ham for zing)> )
[Recipe] Butternut Squash Soup (Creamy delight.)
[Recipe] Chili Con Carne (Adapted Naked Chef Recipe)
[Recipe] Chilli Dog Bake (All we need is a baseball game.)
[Recipe] Chilpolte, Chorizo, and Chicken, Oh My!! (Like a Chili or chick stew.)
[Recipe] Cream of Broccoli Soup (So creamy, you can not beat this for quick and tasty.)
[Recipe] Creamy Chicken and Vegetable Soup (Wow! That sums that up.)
Hungarian Goulash (Great for an autumn night. Good paprika is the key.)
[Recipe] Jambalaya, Catfish Style (No Catfish in it. Dedicated to my mate, John Catfish Grace!)
[Recipe] Kelly's Crepe Enchilladas
[Recipe] Kelly's Crepe Manacotti
[Recipe] Lamb Stew With Mushrooms & Mozzarella
[Recipe] Portabella Mushroom Italiano (Alright, a sort of pizza, but that is a borning name.)
[Recipe] Sesame, Spinach, Red Peppers and Brocoli
[Recipe] Spaghetti (NOT!) & Meat Sauce (shredded zucchini give great pasta replacement.)
[Recipe] Spicey Oriental Soup by Dana Walters
[Recipe] Sweet Italian Sausage Stew (Autumn nights will never be the same.)
[Recipe] Taco Frittata (Oh the aroma!!!)
[Recipe] Turkey Chorizo Chili (Nice for a party. Not overly spicy.)
Thai Green Chicken Curry (Green curry paste is part of this recipe.)
[Recipe] Three Cheese, Pepperoni Chook Bake (Really makes me feel like it is lasagna)

Dips, Dressings & Sauces
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[Recipe]Dips, Dressings & Sauces

[Recipe] Artichoke Dip from Brigitte
[Recipe] Asparagus Sauce by Bret
[Recipe] Basic Curry Sauce
[Recipe] Beef w/ Garlic Blue Cheese (We named it Favoloso Odore Coprire)
[Recipe] Cucumber Relish (Nice as an accompany or as a salad.)
[Recipe] Fricassee de Champignons Des Bois (Mushroom Fricasee..don't let the name scare you.)
[Recipe] Shrimp Cocktail Sauce (went great with our Christmas eve dinner.)
[Recipe] Hollandaise Sauce (Need it for Eggs Benedict!)
[Recipe] Mustard Vinaigrette by Bret (Part if Bret's French Recipe Trio)
Pesto (Garth's favorite. Blast a bland meal with the taste of pesto.)
[Recipe] Vinaigrett Salad Dressing from Breat (Our resident ex-restauranter.)

Deserts & Snacks
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[Recipe]Desserts & Snacks

[Recipe] Amber Lyn Choco Strawberry Toast (Not just breakfast.)
[Recipe] Blueberry Shortcake (It is summer somewhere, even if just in your kitchen)
[Recipe] Canadian Bacon Rounds (quick for company.)
[Recipe] Chocolate Flapjacks (Top with cream and fruit...its desert..)
Creamy Bakery Style Frosting (A LC frosting for any cake.)
[Recipe] Salsa from Home (No sugar is the best condiment for an Atkins eater.)
[Recipe] Hazelnut Truffles (It really reminds me of the holidays.)
[Recipe] Lemon Lime Tarte (Great for family, better for company.)
[Recipe] Lobster Toast (Good for a main or a apetizer.)
[Recipe] Sponge Cake (Light, airy..SPONGE!!)

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[Recipe] Appletini (Low Carb and do we do it?)
[Recipe] Choolatini (Nope, no Vodka, but it will fool your party goers.)
[Recipe] Margarita (Cinc of De mayo will never be the same.)
[Recipe] Maple Shake (Maple goodness with protien blast.)
Maria Pash (A fresh raspberry syrup vodka mix. Romance!.)
Mint Julep (A nice low-carb non-alcoholic taste of the south.)
Tinto De Verano (Welcome to Spain.)
Vodka Lime & Soda (A lite drink for those summer nights.)

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