Bogaghi Beef

Recipe By Garth Lamson
Category Barbeque & Grilling; Beef Dishes; Dinner
Main Ingredient Beef
Cuisine Style Korean
Yield 4 Servings
Preparation Time 10min
Cooking Time 18min
Equipments Grill, High Heat

1 lb Sirloin Or Flank Steak, thawed
1/2 cup Brown sugar
2 cloves Garlic
1 clove Ginger
1/4 cup Oil, Seseme
1 tsp Seseme Seeds
3/4 cup Soy sauce
Add all ingredients to a bowl. Put steak in dish, cover with marinade. Leave for a minimum of 2 hours. Cook on grill at high heat. Do not worry,it is supposed to smoke. It is the brown sugar. And the listing below, do not worry, the calories are not that high. It is marinaded in oil, not eaten with it. I like to rub non liquid ingredients into the steak and then put the soy over that. You should use a bowl that just allows the liquid to cover the steak.

Grill that puppy up like any other steak. Now, when it starts to smoke a bit, not to worry. That is the brown sugar carmalising. Yes, I like it rare, if you like it well done, just cook longer. :-)
Per Servings: 439 Calories; 23 g Fat; 9 g Sat Fat; 74 mg Cholesterol; 3540 mg Sodium; 33 g Carb; 0.68 g Fiber; 26 g Protein
3 Meats Exchanges; 2 Fat Exchanges

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