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Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum

A free museum, located downtown Colorado Springs. This is one of my favorite museums in town. Not only will you see the statue of Zebulan Pike's statue in the front. He is the traveller that discovered Pikes Peak. In the front entry, you have the statue of Katherine Lee Bates, who is the writer of the song "America The Beautiful". She wrote it while on the top looking down at the valleys below Pikes Peak. They even have new rooms that cover my reason for coming to the Springs, Pikes Peak photos and paintings. I thought I was the only person that was "captured" by this view.

They also have excellent displays on Wriggle, the famous pottery maker and his wife. I actually put his death mask on this page. They have multiple rooms dedicated to the Alaskan travellers that came to the Springs and the Ute Indians that were here first, with weapons, beading, and photos. I could write all day long on this museum and forget to mention that the building itself is fantastic. What architechture it is. Just a block away from Tejon where you can have lunch, as we did, in one of the many outside eateries. The photos of the sky scraper, check it out, there is a window washer hanging off the side by climbing straps. Have a great day, go downtown.
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