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Palmer Lake, Colorado

Palmer Lake is located off from Rt 25, or off Rt 53. This is a small town in the Tri-Lake area. Beautiful views and farms everywhere you look. We really enjoy the Sante Fe Trail and found Palmer Lake actually has a small lake in the center of town. The like is small with a very nice dirt path around the outer edge. It is about 3/4 mile around it.

You can continue on down the Sante Fe Trail toward Monument. The views are great. You will get a full view of the front range, the mountains that surround Tri-Lake area. Along the path, which is packed dirt, you will see all forms of outsiders. We saw young and old, runners, bikers, hikings, and even dog walkers. I did not continue down to monument. We went approx 3 miles east on the path and then headed back. Really a great hike and super town. If you are there, stop in and got a coffee. I do not even need to tell you the place. There is a big big sign saying coffee. It is a down home book shop with coffee of all sorts and comfortable seats and conversation. Well worth a stop.

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