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Old Colorado City, Colorado
Old Colorado city, 385053N 1045151W, is a fantastic old school town. Everything is kept the way it was 20 years ago. I unfotunately, and my photog friends understand, have not photographed well yet. I will get it. But do not let that stop you. The coffee shop in the center of town has the best Eclairs I have had since being home to Vermont. They still have a town park, a town library, and a bandstand that plays on the warm Colorado nights. Thought I have not photographed it, there are horse drawn carraige rides too.

Old Colorado City, formerly Colorado City, is a national historic district in the city of Colorado Springs. Its approximate boundaries are Highway 24 to the south, the city of Manitou Springs to the west, 21st Street to the east and Uintah Street to the north.[citation needed] In its earliest days of 1859-1860, Colorado City was a major hub for sending mining supplies to South Park, where a major strike in the Pike's Peak Gold Rush was found.

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