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Museum of Central Australia

The Museum of Central Australia is located on Larapinta Drive adjacent the Araluen Art Center in Alice Springs. Recently, Garth, Clark and Josh spent some time there.  Enjoy.

If you like studies of the evolution of the central Austrlian land, palaenotological dig results, megafauna, reptiles and birds, this is the place for you. Connected to the same building the Strehlow Research Centre is in, it is a great place to view a consolidated view of the many animals that have lived, and do live, in the NT.  I was so impressed by this place. It is very quiet and there were not many people in there. I would guess because no one is sure what is there. It is inexpensive, and well worth your time.  From the avid bush hiker, to the pen packing scientist, this is a must see while in Alice Springs.

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It is located on Larapinata to the Araluean I loved the lower deck which was designed in a round about way. One big skeleton.... I do no tknow what it was, but I do not want it crawling on me.
Taller then my kids. Mvc-015f.jpg Mvc-016f.jpg Mvc-017f.jpg
Mvc-018f.jpg Mvc-019f.jpg Mvc-020f.jpg Mvc-021f.jpg
Mvc-022f.jpg Mvc-023f.jpg This sculpture was very cool. It is a dragon...out of barbed wire.
If I had to pick, and you can tell by my photos, I would say that the collection of Australian mammals, reptiles, and insects were my favorite attractions.  Doing a lot of bush hikes, I was also very interested in the meteorite fragment collection.  It tells you where they have hit locally, shows how it all happens.
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