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Mueller State Park, Outlook Ridge, Colorado

Mueller State park is located about 45 miles East of Colorado Springs, Colorado. We had heard about it from friends but somehow, I had the idea that it was mostly flat paths. NOT TRUE. The park has over 50 miles of hiking paths, and in the back, it has cabins and camping areas. It was fantastic. We have only hiked about 5-6 miles. The paths and numbered and very well marked, unlike some paths we have taken lately.

We ended up taking paths located near the visitor center to be safe but with the wildlife, the floral display, and the incredible sights, it turned to a pretty good hike. We started on Wapiti Nature Trail, which is very short. At the end of that, we connected to Outlook Ridge which had spur trails: Raven Ridge Overlook, Red Tail Overlook, and Lone Eagle Overlook. With the spurs, probable about 5-6 miles. Loved it!! We are going back to camp in about 3-4 days. Be looking for the photos of Lost Pond and Geer Pond. I believe that is our next hike.

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