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Sand Creek Mock Trial Team
Welcome to the Sand Creek Mock Trail pages. I am sure there are many more showing the other teams. This is the Lamson Adventures version with my boy Josh. The whole team made us proud. They came in fifth out of 20 something teams. They head to finals next week and then off to State. Go SAND CREEK!!!

Mock trial is also the name of an extracurricular program in which students participate in contrived or fake trials to learn new skills and compete with each other. At some law schools, the term trial advocacy is used for the program. Various organizations such as state bar associations sponsor mock trial/trial advocacy competitions for middle school students, high school students, college students, and law students. Interscholastic mock trials takes place on three levels. High school competitive mock trial has an annual national competition governed by the National Mock Trial Association. The competition on the college circuit is governed by the American Mock Trial Association. The college circuit also has an unofficial online forum at Perjuries Mock Trial. Finally, there is mock trial/trial advocacy at the Law School level such as the National Trial Competition hosted by the Texas Young Lawyers Association.

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