The Lamson Adventures!!!<br> Memorial Park, Colorado Springs, CO

The Lamson Adventures!!!
My parents!
Memorial Park, Colorado Springs, CO

Today we spent a wonderfull day at Memorial Park down on Union and Pikes Peak in downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado. This is an hidden treasure. There is a lake with small boats to rent. You can get paddle boats, row boats, or canoes. The lake is small and has a stunning view of the Pikes Peak. The geese and ducks add to the fishing that is done at the end of the lake. Picnic tables are located all over, especially near the park where the kids can play. Forgot your picnic, there were little booths there, bring your mexican dictionary though. They had fruit bowls, seasoned pork rinds, and drinks of all flavors. The walking is easy with sidewalks running the whole length around the lake.

Enjoy the walk. We did! Then we had a picnic with the boys and my parents visiting. You really need to check the other link, it shows the Balloon Festinal that is held there every year.

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This was built as part of the Lamson Adventures

Go Lamsons!!!!