The Lamson Adventures!!!!
Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas Nevada
There were so many things to see. I do wish I had the camera with me all throughout the trip. There were places that we saw and did not photograph. I love the Paris and Ceasars is still my top place to hang out. I tried to take a ton of shots for the travelers of the world. If I give one tip, there is parking, free, at every single casino. If you like valet, it cost a few dollars in tip to just have your car parked. I parked at Ceasars cause it is in the center and you can walk in both directions.

Best new casino in the last few years. I would have to say that Paris rocked. The rooms without coffee pots blow, but the Eiffel Tower at night with the fountains down below playing every 15 minutes were a highlight to the whole trip. Viva Las Vegas!!

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