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Kathleen Springs Walk, Wartarraka National Park, NT Australia

Kathleen Springs walk is located on Wartarraka National Park, NT Australia. It is very close to Kings Canyon and King Canyon Resort. If you are heading to Alice Springs, the trip to Kathleen will take about 4 hours by car. You do not have to have a 4x4 if you stay on the hard roads. The trip is roughly 330km Southwest of Alice Springs. If you take Mereenie Loop, it does take an hour off the trip but you will need a 4x4.

The Kathleen Springs Walk, is a short walk. It is a nice slip away from the main reason for coming to Wartarraka, King Canyon. The walk from the parking is about 2.6km. At the end, as you can see is a spring fed waterhole. I have to say, it was pretty nasty looking, we did not swim. Save that for Mereenie Loop waterholes. They are great! Now if you are really adventurious, you can take the hike to Kathleen from King Canyon. From the top of King Canyon, you can take the Giles Track, which is a 22km overnight walk traversing the top of the range from Kings Canyon to Kathleen Springs.
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