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Carmichael's Crag, Wartarraka National Park, NT Australia

Carmichael's Crag is located about 4 hours Southwest (approx 340km) of Alice Springs. You can reach it by a non-4x4. If you take Mereenie Loop, it does take an hour off the trip but you will need a 4x4. If you are taking a look around at the Lamson Advetures, you find out pretty quick that the NT has more than Uluru (Ayers Rock). Kings Canyon on the Wartarraka National Park is great. Carmicheals Crag is located behind the King Canyon Resort. A very nice resort with camping sites all the way up to deluxe spa rooms. Pretty flash! As for the Crag, I will be honest, we did not climb it, I was just taken with the levels in its rock.
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