The Lamson Adventures!!!! Helen Hunt Falls, Colorado

The Lamson Adventures!!!!
Helen Hunt Falls,
Cheyenne Canyon, Colorado

Looking for a great little walk. I know most of our trips are pretty good hikes. This is a very short walk. First, check out the Mount Cutler page, this will give you directions to Cheyenne Canyon Park, Colorado. One you get there, you head up the road about 2 miles from Mount Cutler Trailhead. At that point, there is a small parking area and a very pretty Helen Hunt Waterfall. The walk is very easy and maybe 40ft up. The photos are nice and there is a small stand where you can grab some trail mix and a bottle of water, and head off to the rest of Cheyenne Canyon Park.

If you are heading there for a picnic, there are a few picnic tables right at the bottom of the falls. You can sit next to teh stream which you can see in the photos on this page. Have a great time at this free park. Well worth the trip. The wild flowers were fantastic in August, I can only imagine the site in Spring months.

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