The Lamson Adventures!!!<br>Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum

The Lamson Adventures!!!
Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum
Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum,
Colorado Springs CO

Looking for something to do? Head North down Nevada Drive in Colorado Springs and not only will you find a huge Harley dealer but also the The Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum and Hall of Fame. The Museum was established in March of 1992. It is a publicly supported, non-profit, educational corporation. The museum is run by an all volunteer staff. Talked to Jerry while I was there. He is accompanied by a big dog that bark loudly and then rubs all over you with a friendly wag of a tail.

Unlike other automotive and motorcycle museums, The Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum and Hall of Fame focuses on more than just Harley motocycles. You can see old Indian, Harley, and other brands here. My favorite was the old military bikes. The names and faces of the pioneers of motorcycling and their contributions are captured in photographs and biographies throughout the museum. The display of this memorabilia insures that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the history of early American 2-wheeled ingenuity, and that its legacy be preserved.

With the new interest in antique and classic motorcycles, a worldwide demand has developed for these machines, and anything associated with them. The drastic decline in the number of old bikes and memorabilia available for sale is alarming. Our history and heritage along with these machines will disappear across the water, when they are gone, they are gone forever.

It opens at 9am and closes in late afternoon. It is free of charge but they do take donations. If anything you can go and check the view from the parking lot. WOW!!! By the way for Lamsons coming to the site, check out the orange bike, that is what Dad wants next.


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