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Alice Springs Glider Club

Located just 22km North of Alice Springs is the (darn, can't recall) Airstrip, and the home of the Alice Springs Glider Club. Now, as you know, I do NOT advertise on the site, but it boggled me that they had such a small showing. For what seemed very inexpensive to me, we got to fly up with the birds. During my flight, we actually caught a thermal and flew round and round with a Wedge Tailed Eagle just below us.
For my wife, the thrill was sharing that thermal with another glider just right above her. The views took you breath away and the silence made it not only thrilling but calming at the same time. As I said, this is not a billboard for advertising, but if you want the number to call, drop me a note and I will pass it one to you. Thanks to Kyle, Bob, and Beth for making our adventure so much fun. If you like these shots, make sure to check out our powered flight over Alice Springs, the aerial shots were fabulous.

glide1.jpg glider2.jpg glider3.jpg glider4.jpg
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