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Glen Helen Gorge & Homestead, NT Australia

Mount Sonder
From Alice Springs, it is about a 2 hour drive, paved and non-paved roads, is Glen Helen. You could probably make it with 2 wheel drive car, but I would not chance it! Take a 4x4. It is worth the trip. The cliffs are 65 meters above the Finke River. If you are looking for a good view of Mount Sonder, there is a photo below. The homestead has a helo that gives aeriel rides and views from above the gorge. If you are a bird watcher, as a lot of us bush-walkers are, this is a great place. If you are looking to see Dingos, this is said to be the place. I did not see anything like that, just the enormous German Shepard that lives there. He was very friendly.

Are you heading out the Meerenie Loop? Then as you go past Serptine, Ormiston Gorge, the Orchre Pits, this is a must. The Glen Helen Gorge is a short walk from the well known Glen Helen Homestead. They offer camping and a bar and a small restaurant. But, I do not advertise on here, so let's talk about the gorge. As you walk from the Homestead, it is about 15 minutes down a path. As you can see below, the range towers over the Finke. If you are lucky the pool is low and you can walk through to see a great view. We did not have that luck. That will have to wait for next trip.
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