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Gemtree * Fossicking in Australia

Gemtree fossicking and campsite is located about 140km Northeast from Alice Springs. A short drive (4x4 not needed) and well worth it. At the site, you can choose to fossick for Garnets or Zircons.  I was amazed how easy our instructors, Pam and John, made it seem. We worked on fossicking for about 6 hours and were rewarded with a number of a good stones. The links below are showing raw stones and cut stones.

The facilities at Gemtree are fantastic. There is a picture of the cabins and the campsites below.  Once you get the raw stone, do not forget to get a cutter. A very reasonably priced cutter named Willem de Gunst, 8953 4481 cut our stones.

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Garth sifting dirt to find the good stuff. You can not start too young. Clark found a lot of stones. This is the entry to Gem Tree. Very pretty. The Sturt Desert Pea flower. Very pretty!!!
Our cabin at Gemtree. Inside the cabin at Gemtree. Inside the cabin at Gemtree. Fire pits were provided at the sites. With wood!!!!!
Angela is the best. She found a few 6mm. the sun setting over the Hart Ranges was lovely. Even the field behind Gentree is lovely. A raw Garnet. Not really gem looking.
Angela could spot them. The british couple beside us. The british couple beside us. The british family beside us.
You can see the good raw gems. The cracked ones are no good to cut. Funny, I thought raw garnets looked like raisins. Love shiny garnets.
Washed and shiny, they are more lovely than I ever thought. Two 6mm gems, two 5mm gems. Two 6mm gems, two 5mm gems. Two 6mm gems, two 5mm gems.

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