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The Old Gahn

Recently, we took a ride on the old Gahn. The Gahn is the primary rail transportation for vehicle and some people up to Adelaide and back. The one we rode was the Old Gahn. It has been repaired and gives ride. The individual rooms were really nice. They came equipped with running water and a mirror. The top shelves folded down revealing a hidden bed.  The benched themselves were really nice.  I pictured it to be dark, dim and uncomfortable. It was quite the contrary.

The ride is out of the Transportation Museum in Alice Springs. It shows how the Gahn started and what it has become.  The afternoon ended with a musician providing music over a bush style BBQ.  Mmmmm. I wish I could tell you more about the Gahn but if you want to make reservations for a ride, I believe they have their own website.

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The Old Gahn Running water in each room. gahn13.jpg gahn14.jpg
gahn18.jpg gahn19.jpg Those Lamsons...owners of many adventures!!! gahn20.jpg
gahn21.jpg Looks like it needs some repair. gahn26.jpg Bye, thanks for the ride.
Steam machine...mmmmm gahn4.jpg Happy Mother's Day!!! gahn9.jpg

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