The Lamson Adventures!!!!
Freemont Street, Las Vegas NV
I know eveyrone has different taste in Vegas but FREEMONT STREET is the place to be. The slots of looser, the beer is cheap, there are sourvenir shops, the light/video show, strip joints from Glitter Gultch, and of course, Harley Davison of Las Vegas. I had the joy of watching a first timer when I took Angela this year. Freemont is the street that the blue collar worker goes. It is fast and furious and wild. I loved it.

This particular weekend, they were having a conference, we got to see many tributes and a few authentic groups. As we started our walk down the street, we saw Bruce "The Boss" up on stage. Further down we continues to listen the last remaining member of the Temptations with his new group. They really stole the show. There were so many people there, it was hard to get through the crowd. But we are not over! Then Elvis came back to life and sang and sweated for us. I really enjoyed this guy. He did a great job. I know, I know, very exciting. But it was not over. The last performer for the night was Frank Sinatra tribute singer from the Rat Pack Tribute show we had went to earlier. Wow!! He was even better alone. The lights of the 4 Queens behind him, cheering fans pushing the stage. I could not have asked for a better last night in Vegas.

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