The Lamson Adventures!!!<br>July 4th 2007, BLOCK PARTY!!!!

The Lamson Adventures!!!

July 4th 2007, BLOCK PARTY!!!!
What a time we had. We had a huge block party with fireworks ending the last 6 hours of the night. There was all the essential items. We had a blow up castle for the kiddos. We had the whiffle ball game for the everyone that oddly ended in everyone being the winner. :-) The Lamsons and the Raiches' party went off without a hitch. We had folks from Hawaii, California, Missouri, and Vermont. You can not beat the bonding of a block party. Thanks for everyone coming in to see us. Thanks to Lore and Carl for letting us use the garage and assisting in the food and fireworks. God Bless America. :-)


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Go Lamsons!!! And Raiches, Amadors, Driscols, and everyone else on the block!