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The Lamson Adventures!!!
Flying W Ranch, Colorado Springs

The Flying W Ranch, located in Colorado Springs, is a working mountain cattle ranch that has specialized in western food and entertainment since 1953. Guests experience picturesque natural surroundings, an authentic Western Village and tasty Chuckwagon Suppers. When the Flying W Wranglers top the evening off with their outstanding Western Stage Show we truly have an offering unsurpassed in Colorado. That was the official description, now mine. I really enjoyed it. The village was a bit hoky with all the building now shops to sell candy, and books and such. I was hoping to see more of the official ranch workings. The people were so friendly and the show was out of this world. Do youself a favor, get there early to get a good seat.

The musicians are so good. I am not a country music fan but these folks are so talented. The fiddler and lead guitarist are award winners. It is not hard to see why. Flying W Wranglers is thier name. They are just as old as the Sons of the Pioneers. The band sells CDs of the new gospel album, we bought two. The food was real trail food and severed on a beat to hell tin plate. I LOVED IT! I thought it was ingenius that the used all trail plates and cups. Food was tasty and you got seconds if you needed them. Really would reccomend this place for families that are looking for good. clean fun

You can see the mountain photos. That is a very short walk up the hill to see Christmas Tree look out. The horse pictures show a horse getting her, "Misty", hoofs groomed and a new shoe put on.


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My oldest son sees the ranch a bit different than the rest of us. He is a fantastic photographer so I thought I would share his photos too.

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