The Lamson Adventures!!!<br>Elton John Red Piano Concert, Ceasars Palace, Las Vegas

The Lamson Adventures!!!
Elton John Red Piano Concert, Las Vegas

We were like 2 kids in a candy store. Sir Elton started right on time. I was really impressed with the lobby workers. You ticket got you a glass of whatever you wish for. The ushers were all armed with camera's to capture your adventure. I loved it. I will warn you, if they find your camera, they will check it like a coat and you get it after. The show was great!

The films during the show were the oddest things I have ever seen. I did like a few. One film, while he played Rocket Man, showed a young Justin Timberlake as Elton. I was impressed. Another one was Pam Anderson pole dancing while "The Bitch is Back" was playing. The others...odd, odd odd. The stage show was pure Vegas. They had balloon for everything, roses, legs, ice cream cone, banana. They even had Pam Andersons breast with huge nipple that blew out confetti at the end of the song.


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