The Lamson Adventures!!!!
Highway 160, Colorado
I was not even sure how to put this page up. It was Durango, Cortez, Alamosa and number of other places. I loved it. It seems at every turn the fields where greener, the view was more godly, and the water falls where falling to the edge of the road. I have a confession, I love Louis L'Amour books. He writes cowboy stories that take a few hours to burn through. But his potrayal of this area made me have to drive through on our way back from Las Vegas this year. And I was not disappointed.

There is no secret that I do not advertise on my pages. I never have but if you are driving through Alamosa, you have to stop at the "Malt Shop". It is located right on the edge of town. Not only are the burgers good but the staff make the place. They seem to know everyone from the owner of the candy shop three doors down to the teenagers that are flying in just to get fries. It was easy to see why it was packed full. Personality packed!

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