The Lamson Adventures!!!!
CRUEFEST 2008, Coors Amphitheater at Fiddler's Green Denver, CO
Rock and Roll!!!! Starting with new band Trapt, then Sixx AM with Nikki Sixx from the Crue, then Papa Roach, Buckcherry, and finally, the Gods of Rock, Motley Crue. This was a fantastic day. I can not lie, Fiddlers Green sucks! They blow, the shut down time of 11pm is not good, and the security are just short of retarded. They seem to pick and choose randomly what is allowed to go in. We got turned away with bottled water and a sure shot camera because our bag was "to big". It was a clear beach bag the size of a purse. We watched foks with film suites and duffles walk by us. The folks next to us had huge bags with glass bottles of vodka.

Motley Crue was 10 times better than any other band. They all put on a great show but Crue just were the top of rock-pile. They had fireworks, flashing lights, booze, and a few boobs. They were a rock video unfolding, commanding 8000 people. Everyone was up screaming. Awesome.

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