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Starr Kempf& Cheyenne Canyon Road

We needed a walk but it seems Cheyenne Canyon park road was closed for snow clearing. So, we decided to walk around the woods of Cheyenne Canyon Road and was please with what we found. Of course, the woods and the running brook was fantastic. We ended up finding Seven Falls at far end of the road. The highlight though was a fabulous house with the sculptures of Starr Kempf.

Star Kempf, I am finding now, was a Air Force member who decided to stay in Colorado and make his Kinetic Steel sculptures. I am sure there are other of these beautiful creations but we were able to see about 5 of them. Starr named these steel windvanes, "monumentals" which could not fit better. I am sure these house where they are displayed is covered in tourist during the summer but we were unfortunately greeted by "Beware of attack dog" signs. But in the winter chil and the startling blue skies, they looked amost like ice sculptures. I am sure I did not catch thier beuty. Enjoy the photos of the area and our new pup, Lizze in Angela's arms.

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