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The Lamson Adventures!!!

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Lions, Tigers, and Bears. Yep, they are all there at the Cheyenne Mt Zoo. The zoo was a gift from Spencer Penrose to his wife and then to the town. It boasts the largest collection of captive and breeding giraffes in the world. We saw a baby giraffe, the new giraffe stud, a new baby gorilla, a new baby Orangutan, and so much more. They have alligators now! They have the Budgies. Anyone that comes to the pages know that I loved my birds and was really sad to leave them in Australia. They have a lot of the same budgies, cockatiels, and finches. You can feed them for a dollar.

Mom and Dad had a great time. They loved the animals, the view from the top, and our wonderful company. And, as you see, when the zoo is a failure, the ice cream is great. :-)

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