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Cheyenne Canon Park, Cascade Falls & Mount Cutler, Colorado

Cascade Falls was there all the time and we missed it. Today, we went up the stairs at Helen Hunt Falls at Cheyenne Canon and found a .3 mile trail of stairs. Cascade Falls is more of a drizzle of wide water falls down into the valley below. The trip is a nice .35-mile, a total of .7-mile, there and back. There are benches to sit and look over the edge at the first level, the second level has small overlook with a 3 foot wall. The top is fed by a mountain brook and is also walled in. There are views down into Goldrush Road area and it is really something. I wish the photos gave the feeling of how wonderfull the view is.

At the bottom of the pages is Mt Cutler, a second look. I know, we have a whole page dedicated to this trail (and the link is above and below) but this time, Coey, our friend joined us AND the California fires smoke drift to Colorado and left the valley full of settled smoke. Enjoy both sets.

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CascadeFalls_0051.JPG CascadeFalls_0052.JPG CascadeFalls_0053.JPG
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CascadeFalls_0083.JPG CascadeFalls_0084.JPG CascadeFalls_0085.JPG
CascadeFalls_0086.JPG CascadeFalls_0087.JPG CascadeFalls_0088.JPG
CascadeFalls_0089.JPG CascadeFalls_0090.JPG CascadeFalls_0091.JPG
CascadeFalls_0092.JPG CascadeFalls_0093.JPG CascadeFalls_0094.JPG

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CascadeFalls_0034.JPG CascadeFalls_0035.JPG CascadeFalls_0036.JPG
CascadeFalls_0037.JPG CascadeFalls_0038.JPG CascadeFalls_0039.JPG
CascadeFalls_0040.JPG CascadeFalls_0041.JPG CascadeFalls_0042.JPG
CascadeFalls_0043.JPG CascadeFalls_0044.JPG CascadeFalls_0045.JPG
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