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Knotts Berry Farm, Anaheim, California

I loved this amusement park. The Lamsons have been to parks around the world and this one is one of the finest.  The day started with the huge rides.  The Supreme Scream drops from 25 floors (252 ft.) the entire tower height is 312 ft. ranking it the second tallest freefall ride in North America. The only thing between you and the free air is a little seat facing out.  The next one on the list was the Ghost Rider.  It is classified as the biggest wooden coaster on the West coast of the United States.  It flew by at speeds up to 65mph.  We conquered that 5 times!  There are others but I do not want to hold you from the photos. If you have questions, drop me a note. I loved this park.

Mvc-158f.jpg Mvc-161f.jpg Mvc-162f.jpg Mvc-163f.jpg
Mvc-165f.jpg Mvc-166f.jpg Mvc-171f.jpg Mvc-182f.jpg
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The entertainment was first class too. We had old west gun fights, and stunt men diving from buildings. My favorite entertainment was the two sets of indian dance spots we viewed.  The first tribe's name eludes me but there is a photo above. The second act was Aztec tribe named "Meshican".  One of the things they had to do to become men was create thier own outfits.  It was amazing to see thier dances and the huge outfits, which are photographed above.

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