Hello again!!! If you have this URL, you are coming to see the Lamson World Adventures. We try to post our travels around the globe.. We have now moved to fantastic Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA.. This site was constructed to share our photos with anyone and everyone. You will see the Australian outback, the Colorado Rocky Mountains, North America, Europe, Med Sea, Asia Adventures, and even the one place I have gone in Greenland. We have tips on camping, spider recognition, tips on finding your way in nature, and conversion from American to Australian. Who would have thought we would have all fallen in love with adventures around the globe. Wow, we are one lucky family.  So, sit back, get a beer, coffee, whatever, and start clicking.

December 2012. Hey folks. Been a while since I used this page for anything. Check out my new links. I put them on FACEBOOK and opened them to public. Like me, friend me. Shoudl be a blast. :-) FACEBOOK has pretty much taken over as a way to share our adventures and our recipes. I did just add a new link for new recipes. Between gout and minor health issues, we are cooking more now. Not out of a box has to be better for you. :-) Head over to our new page and new recipes from the last few years. We will call it, NEW RECIPES 2012, getting back to the kitchen page.

Camping recipes that need no utensils!!! Some great ideas whether you are backpacking or out on a night bush walk.  Check them out!!!! As promised. We have a ton of Dutch oven recipes. Categories include Beef recipes, Chicken recipes, Breakfast Biscuits, Deserts, and Stews & Casserole. Been lost before!!??.  Here is how to tell your direction by using the SUN,STARS,and MOON Don't wait until you are lost, read the easy info right now.

We still have our Low Carb Eating Plan recipes. Most of you know we sold our cookbook. It was a huge sale when we needed it most, in Denver. Keep coming back. Remember, its free. Tell all your friends to stop by and take a peek.

Colorado and the rest of the Globe Adventures Photos & Facts Adventures Photos & Facts

Colarado Attractions, Amusement & General Good Times
    FB - Denver Cutthroats, Semi Pro Hockey at the Denver Colliseum
    FB - Garden Gate Canyon State Park. Grouse to Mule Deer, to Frazier, to Bear Trail 7.7 miles
    Mitchel Creek Hike. Short but wonderful up by Franktown/Castlerock.
    Beer Brewer Dinner @ Rock Bottom Brewery, Colorado Springs
    COG Rail up to Pikes Peak. What a view.
    Glen Eirie, Palmers Castle he made for his wife Queen. Colorado Springs CO
    Templeton Trail, Palmer Colorado
    NASA Art Show, Colorado Spring Art Museum
    Steamboat Springs Colorado, outside of town is photog dream.
    Fishcreek Trail, Steamboat Springs Colorado. Great hike in the autumn and winter.
    Strawberry Hot Springs, Steamboat Colorado. Get the couple massage.
    Bingo Mountain, North Cheyene Canyon Area, Colorado Springs
    Ice Festival, Manitou Springs CO, Held every single year.
    Caprenters Peak, Roxoborough State Park CO. Awesome in the snow!!
    Mount Rosa. Best hike in Colorado Springs. Mind blowing beautiful.
    FB -Eldorado Canyon State Park. Eldorado Canyon Trail. Go to the end river and back. Great hike.
    FB - Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum - Cool place, not that well known full. Star Wars aircraft!!
    Cripple Creek Colorado, Ol Western gambling and mining town.
    FB - Lannies Clock Tower Burlesque Show - Right on 16th Street Denver, Every thursday night.
    Castlewood Canyon State Park - To many trails to mentioned. Go down Route 83.
    Downtown Aquarium - Denver 700 Water Street, Denver, CO. See the mermaids swim!!
    FB- Golden Gate SP, Coyote Trail, Nice challenging beginning, flat in the middle
    Rattlesnake Gulch Trail, El Dorado Canyon State Park CO
    FB - Chatsfield Park CO. Great walking and saily, rowing areas.
    FB -Colorado Springs Beerfest 2012. Held every year. Smaller and more intimate than Denvers
    FB - Denver's Zoo. Not as interactive as Cos Springs, but great, more open views.
    FB- Denver Botanical Garden, Denver (Great for lil kids and big kids alike.)
    FB -Hammond Candies Since 1920. Cany making tour is a lot of fun. About 1 hour of time.
    FB -Colorado Burlesque Festival. Happening again in July 2013. GO GO GO!
    FB - Peaks and Pasties of Colorado Springs. Great Burlesque Troupe. Look them up.
    FB - Prairie Dog hunting in Colorado. Otherwise, the holse kill the cattle. Great time.
    FB- Renfest, Larkspur Colorado. Go in costume, even more fun watching the joisting.
    Serenity Springs Wildlife Center, Calhan CO. Bring a zoom for the big cats!
    Denver Aquirium, my first trip to see the mermaids, tigers, and fishies
    Brown Palace, Historic hotel of Denver. STAY. Check out the Beatles room. Have the Sunday tea.
    Denver Memorial Day Parade. Go early and stake your spot.
    Naughty Pierre host Orchid Mae, Honey Toche, and Midnight Martini in Burleque Show
    Mills Lake and Alberta Falls, Rocky Mt National Park, Estes Park CO
    Trail Ridge Road, Rocky Mt National Park. Even if you do not hike, worth it!!
    Red Rocks. concerts, hiking, museum. Great tourist place to go.
    The Wild Animal Sanctuary; 1946 County Road 53 Keenesburg, Colorado 80643. Your above the animals. Sureal.
    Denver Zoo. Love the lions in the front. Open space photography is great.
    Mumbo Jumbo Gumbo Cookoff with Mardi Gras Parade. Manitou Springs CO every March
    Aves Hockey. Not that $$ and great family time.
    Bronco Football. If your not Broncos fan, fake it, they are mean to other fans. Good fun.
    Butterfly Pavilon Living Christmas Lights
    Mitchell Canyon Trail. Great hike in Castlerock past Franktown.
    TSO @ World Arena, Colorado Springs every November!
    Parker Dayz in Parker CO. Every July. Great party and carnival. Food, music and beer.
    Captain Jack Trail, Cheyenne Canyon Colorado Springs
    Parker Christmas Tree Lighting and Horse Carraige Rides 2011
    Coyote & Prairie Dog Hunting, Rush Colorado
    Butterfly Pavillon, Brighton Colorado. You think you to manly, forget it. GO!
    Beaver Trail, Golden Gate Canyon State Park Colorado
    Parker Octoberfest. Small but great. The dancing and pretzels, beer are top notch!
    Painted Mines, Calhan Colorado. Easy family trail and the coolest rocks ever. Great for photos.
    Keono Mountain and thru to Jones Park. Good hike, but do not do it in the heat.
    Mount Muscoco - The Easiest Hard Mountain. North Cheyenne Canyon area.
    Colorado Buffalo. Yeah, we got those too. Such strong handsome animals.
    CAKE Concert @ Ogden The
    Anj's first trip up Keono Mountain
    Molly Brown House, Denver
    Birghtons Butterfly Pavillion. Rosey the Taratula is there. Go, it is inspiring.
    Sky Sox Baseball for San Souci Dude Baby Shower
    Big Storm Hike of 2011 w/ David and Mike.
    Roller Derby Dames, Colorado Springs CO
    Electric Safari Christmas Light at Cheyenne Mt Zoo
    Festical Of Light Parade, Colorado Springs CO
    Emma Crawford Coffin Race! Manitou Springs, CO October yearly.
    Kitty Crimson is yummy Burlesque.
    St Mary's Fall & Stove Mt, N. Cheyenne, Colorado Springs
    Cork Screw Trail, up Mays Peak, High Drive, Colorado
    Mount Buckhorn, North Cheyenne, Colorado...now my favorite
    Captain Jack Loop, Trail 665, Colorado Springs, CO
    Mays Peak, Trail 665, Colorado Springs, CO
    Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park, Colorado
    Seven Bridge to Jones Park Trail, another Gem in Cheyenne Canon
    Castle Rock Open Area. Douglas county actual reserves land so no one builds on this beauty.
    Gold Camp Road, the connector to Cheyenne Canon Hikes. About 3 miles
    School of Mines. Josh was accepted early. He is going to be a math and engineering major.
    Cruefest 2008...saw Trapt, Papa Roach, Sixx AM, Buckcherry and the CRUE!!
    Clark is 18...gets first tatoo...with me @ R-U-Tattooed!!
    Route 170, Colorado had some of the most beautiful scenes
    Queen's Canyon, Glen Eyrie...rated a hard, you hike up the frozen brook.
    Lake Gulch Trails & Inner Canyon Trails...Castlewood Canyon is even better in the snow.
    Quarry Pass Trail, Red Rock Canyon...excellent trails. Bring the dog.
    Templeton Trail, Palmer Park...1 of many on the 700+ acres
    Sand Creek HS Mock Trial Team...first the finals, then STATE!!
    Colorado State Chior...Clark continues to excel with his music!
    Winter Hiking Page...photos, packing list, discussions. Come and see!!!
    Denver Capital Building...located 1 mile above sea level. Check out the ceilings!
    Snow Gear Check-out....Winter Hike! Spruce Mt was the perfect hike.
    Old Colorado City...the wonderful lil' town still in the 1950s.
    Palmer Park...the hiking trail hidden right in Colorado Springs, hundreds of acres.
    Bear Creek Trails Winter Hike....saw deer and fox. Looks small, but its not.
   North Cheyenne Road....feature Kempf's kinetic sculptures.
    Queen's Elizabeth....or Lizzie, Angela's purebred Maltese puppy.
    Spruce Mt Meadow Walk, Colorado....8.5 miles of open area in the valley below Spruce Mt.
    Cascade Falls Cheyenne Canon, Colorado....at the top of Helen Hunt Falls, about 1 mile round trip.
    Palmer Lake Reservoirs Trail, Colorado....Walk it or bike it. About 3 miles round trip.
    Scotsman & Buckskin Trail, Garden of the Gods, Colorado....great path. Killer view of Pikes Peak
    Rock Ledge Historic Site, Colorado....sit at the pond watching the blacksmith. Really relaxing.
    Zoot Loop & Medicine Wheel Trails, Cheyenne Mt. State Park....short trek with a beutiful view.
    Sundance Trail, Cheyenne Mt. State Park, Colorado....about a 4 mile trek. Nicest trail in the park so far
    Mueller State Park, Outlook Ridge Colorado....look at 4 of 36 paths in the park.
    Stanley Canyon Trail, USAFA, Colorado....located on the Air Force Academy.
    Geneva Basin, Guanella Pass, Colorado.....remake of the page for the forgotten ski resort.
    North Cheyenne Canon & Stratton Open Space...covered about 6 paths. Very nice shots.
    Mount Cutler...only a 2 mile hike but the views over Seven Falls blow you away.
    Helen Hunt Falls...40 ft waterfall inside Cheyenne Canyon. Check the flowers!
    Cheyenne Mt. State Park...16 trails, over 20 miles. Located on West side of Ft Carson.
    Palmer Lake Colorado...a great day hike, located in tri-lake area
    Spruce Mt, Colorado...stunning views out on Route 105/Route 53.
    Coors Fields, Denver Co...home of the Colorado Rockies MLB Team
    Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo...July 11-15, 2007, Bull, riding, bronc busting, and pretty cowgirls
    Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum... displays on Pikes Peak, Ute Indians, and Zeb Pike himself.
    Cheyenne Mountain Zoo...largest domestic herd of giraffes in America..and new babies!
    IVES Christian Rock Band Concert...here in Colorado Springs CO. ROCK ON!
    Memorial Park, Colorado Springs...lake, picnics, and paddle boats, oh my!!
    Rocky Mt. Motorcycle Museum, Colorado Springs CO...showing the history of US Motorcycles
    4th July BLOCK PARTY...our party with Raiches, family, and neighborhood
    Flying W Ranch, Colorado Springs..a working ranch with family values. Do it!
    Sky Sox MiLB, Colorado Springs..beating the Portland Beavers soundly!
    Elitch Village in Denver..with all the "honorary" Lamsons.
    Broadmoor Hotel with my folks..on their trip across country.
    Olympic Training Center..housing 120 athletes from around the USA.
    Royal Gorge Route Railway..on the classic Pullman Railcar.
    Colorado Springs Statue Tour..our favorites downtown.
    Cheyennne Mt Zoo w the kids..not all ours but we love them!
    Palmer Park, Colorado Springs..over 700 acres to hike and bike.
    General Aide job..serving dinner in Colorado Springs to powerfull people.
    Castlewood Canyon..short hike, long in scenary
    Colorado Springs Balloon Festival..every year in the park.
    The Broadmoor, Colorado..Colorado's most award winning resort.
    Garden of the Gods, Colorado..perfect day hike and views of Pikes Peak
    Cherry Creek State Park, Colorado.....In the middle of it all yet, it's not!

North America, Europe, Asia Adventures, Photos & Facts

Vermont, my home forever!

    St. Albans, Vermont, USA....it is where we came from.
    Vermont USA, a winter wonderland..come see the snow sports!
    Echo Lake, Vermont..my favorite vacation spot in the world!
    Burlington, Vermont..my stomping ground as a kid.


    Hoover Dam...making electricity for 5 states
    Grand Canyon...277 miles long and 18 miles wide.

California, the Golden State

    Knotts Berry Farm, California USA...better than Disneyland!!
    Disneyland, California USA...Goofy is my favorite character
    Solvang California..Try the Danish pastries, they rock!

New York City, New York BIG APPLE!

    New York City...the Big Apple, take a bite on Broadway.
    Ellis Island New York...portal to the land of milk and honey.

Las Vegas, Nevada

    Elton John Red Piano Concert..Ceasars was incredible.
    Worldmark Hotel is the Penthouse we rented in Las Vegas
    Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas Nevada, the home of the neon light.
    Secret Garden, Las Vegas...Sig and Roy retire, the animals live in style.
    Rat Pack Tribute show rocked! Frank, Dean, Sammy & Joey Bishop in Vegas
    Freemont Street, Las Vegas...where the middle class go to party.
    Bobby Flay's MESA GRILL, Las Vegas...dining fit for a king at Ceasars.

New Mexico, Bright Reds and Browns

    Very Large Array Radar Field, New Mexico...anyone out there, we are listening.
    Roswell New Mexico...home of the Alien crash of 1947.
    White Sand Monument, New Mexico...check out the balloons taking off.
    Four Corners, USA..Vortex of New Mexico, Colorado, Airzona, and Utah.

St. Louis Missouri, Show me!

    Budwieser Company..the star of St. Louis MO

Memphis Tennesee, Resting place of Elvis

    Graceland, Memphis Tenn..Home of Elvis Presley, the King.
    Route 66 Museum..located in Elk City, Oklahoma.


    Utah turned out to be a great surprise. Little Grand Canyons all the way through.

Montreal Canada, Hockey, Hotties, and Heer...oops, Beer

    Montreal Canada...it has it all. Architecture, casinos, churches. The whole spectrum.

Paris France. Most romantic place around.

    Disneyland, Paris France...was so much better than California, but not Florida.
    Paris France ...there are two pages here, do not miss them. LOVE PARIS!!!

Germany. Beer, Brats, and Castles

    Wiesbaden Germany...capital of the state of Hessen and a great place to get a good beer.

Republic of Singapore

    Jurong Bird Park, Singapore...from Eagles to Penguins, this a bird lovers paradise.
    Little China, Singapore ...visit the Temples...eat the noodles...fantastic.

Greece, Playground of the Mediterranean Sea

    Iraklion Crete, Greece...lived on this small island for 5 years. Beautiful!
    President George Bush Senior...met him on Air Force One in Crete Greece.
    Santorini...the Greek island that is a volcano waiting to blow again.
    Spinalonga...do not worry, the Greeks do not use it for a leper colony anymore.

Thule Greenland

    Thule AB, Greenland...what a great three day visit. Wish it could have been longer.

Australia from Alice Springs
   Glider Rides.....Alice Springs Glider club, just 22km North of town!!!
   Rock Wallabies.....They look like little mini kangaroos. Come feed them!!!
   Alice Reptile Centre.....See Taipans and Goanas, very cool!!!
   Lions Camel Cup Races 2000.....I raced in this one...
Alice Springs Sunsets....more colors than you can imagine
Camel Race Training ...they also offer camel safaris.
Lions Camel Cup 1999 races.  Ever seen a camel race.  Ugly animals!!!  :-)
The Old Gahn ...the train of yesteryear.
Alice Springs Flood 2000 Over 1 foot of rain.
Queen Elizabeth II   A visit to Alice Springs
Museum of Central Australia..fossils, meteorites, and bug, oh my!
The Laffing Stock Comedy Improv Troupe, Alice Springs..A must see!!
Alice Springs, Aerial shots from 4000ft up...look, there is our house
Rose Breasted Cockatoo (Galah).  Our new additions to the bird collection.
Telegraph Station. Here is where it really began. Read the history.
The Lamsons!!! We are the lucky one that get to live the Adventures!!!
A Town Called Alice. A few shots of the local attractions.
Max, Portraits of a local...biggest response yet!!
Animals of Australia...you would be surprised what is in the back yard.
Mount Gillen can be seen from all over Alice Springs. The sun sets on it daily..
North of Alice Springs
Gove Peninsula, Nhulunbuy.....Best kept secret in the NT!!
Cairns, Queensland....What a beautiful place.  Great Barrier Reef home!
Cairns Aquarium.....I love the fishes! Come and see!!!!
Gemtree Fossicking...find your own zircons and garnets
Devils Marbles ...the Gods must have been playing kickball
Devils Marbles 2nd Trip.  A must see if you are going 4x4ing while in Australia.
Simpson Gap. Located just out of town. Rock Wallabies.
East of Alice Spring
Jesse Gap Located  about 20KM East of Alice Springs
Emily Gap Located about 15KM East of Alice.
Trephina Gorge. Our favorite camping site...many side trips on this one.
Trephina Gorge.  Trip 2.  The first rain in 4 months. Bye Gilmores!!!
Ross River Resort,  A real outback experience.  Page 2 of Ross River
South of Alice Spring
   Weather Domes These are the weather domes at the top of Kings Canyon. Why?
   Kathleen Springs Walk A nice walk in the bush
   Carmicheal's Crag Check out the layers in this Mountain.
   Cape Spencer Welcome to Innes National Park in South Australia!
   Shark Museum ..the man that advised for movie Jaws!!
Kings Canyon 2nd Trip..shots from the top!
Victorian Square, Adelaide I love the city and country meet in the town center
Berry Beach, York Peninsula Crystal blue water...watch the tide pull though
Cletta Farmhouse, Yorke Peninsula Lovely resting place...Warooka is a joy!
Rainbow Valley & Mushroom Rock.  A second trip, but it includes sunset.
Chambers Pillar.  Stands 30 Meters over the red ground around it.
Charlotte Ranges  Cross over these to get to Castle Rock/Chambers Pillar.
Ewaninga, home to literally thousands of Aboriginal Rock Carvings.
Kings Canyon, our first trip thanks to the Suits...the lovely little girl is theirs!!!
Olgas (Kata Tjuta).  Come see. I liked it better than Uluru.
Ayers Rock (Uluru). The largest Monolith in the world. We were there!!!
Mt. Connor.  Mistaken for Ayers Rock all the time.
Adelaide, Australia ...come on to the Adelaide Zoo
Sydney Opera House, Sydney, NSW, Australia..breathtaking
SEGA World, Sydney, NSW, Australia...the kids loved it!
Sydney Harbour Bridge...You can see for miles up there
The Rocks, Sydney NSW, Australia
Darling Harbour, Sydney...Olympics are coming!!!
Chinese Gardens, Sydney..a gift from China to Australia
West of Alice Spring
   Glen Helen Gorge & Homestead Rest here when doing Mereenie Loop.
   Ormistan Gorge & Pond Trip Best swimming hole in West MacDonnells
Standley Chasm, 80 Meters high...lovely colors. Pretty view coming in too.
Rainbow Valley. Only 138km South West  away from Alice. The colors change!
Finke Gorge National Park. 4x4! The mountains were the prettiest yet.
Palm Valley was something. I felt like I was in the tropics, not Australia.


So, having troubles understanding what your Australian buddies are talking about? We put together an Australian to American vocab listing.  It is not huge but it may help you in your travels. Enjoy!  Have a look.  Thanks Di and Ken!!!
Are you moving to Alice Springs? We do not live there anymore but remember how much we wanted this information. Check out my new list page, it shows Churches, schools, ISPs, TV schedules, movie schedules....it is all here!!!

Hey, something new.  I just added a distance, liquid and dry measurement, and temperature conversion page for all to use or print off.  Also, I added a page that shows what time it is around the United States in comparison to Alice Springs, and a time zone chart. Enjoy.

Weather in central Australia with monthly highs/lows and rain.  Coming here, come check out the weather. Taking tours with sunsets being a factor, here are the times sunrise, sunset for 2008.

Camping recipes that need no utensils!!! Some great ideas whether you are backpacking or out on a night bush walk.  Check them out!!!!

As promised. We have a ton of Dutch oven recipes. Categories include Beef recipes, Chicken recipes, Breakfast Biscuits, Deserts, and Stews & Casserole.

 Been lost before!!??.  Here is how to tell your direction by using the SUN,STARS,and MOON Don't wait until you are lost, read the easy info right now.

I know, everyone thinks that spiders here are all deadly. Here is a short list with descriptions, sizes, and comments on what sort of illness they cause. If you get bitten and are in doubt about what kind it is, get medical attention. Added Photos! And now for the first time ever, I am going to put a link on my page. I know, I never do this. But it is another personal, non-profit
site that is just better than mine for spider photos. Welcome Steve with his Spidey info.

You keep coming back to the Lamson Adventures. This site is 8 years old. We are not going anywhere.
Go Lamsons!